How to Install Marble Basketweave Floor Tile

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lowe’s Home Improvement. All opinions and photography are our own and are not influenced by Lowe’s Home Improvement. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog. When I first spotted this marble basketweave floor tile on the Lowe’s website I knew that it would […]

Wondering Why You Should Build Your Own Bike When You Can Buy One?

We’re putting this question out there – which one is better? DIY your own bike or buy one, instead? There are already pre-made, high-quality, up to standard, machine-made bicycles out there. Why is there even a need for you to build your own one? Or do you think building your […]

How To Remove Spirals On An Old Railing

Back When Spirals Were Cool I grew up in a house with spirals on the front porch handrails. And quite frankly, that’s not too surprising because there are spirals on about 99.9% of the homes in most Chicagoland neighborhoods, including ours. Apparently those spiral details were quite the trend 50+ […]

Dear Ben, Love Dad

One amazing perk about having this blog is that we have a built-in scrapbook that has chronicled our homes (and lives) over the past 5 years. Casey and I are constantly pulling up the blog and reading old posts, especially when we’re out shopping, as a reference. We always feel […]

B’s Outdoor To-Do List Progress Report No. 2

I’m back with another progress report on our landscaping and wait until you see the latest! Let’s just say, we have a lot to catch up on… Outdoor To-Do List Progress Report – 60% Done An updated list (with links) to the master list, which is about 60% done! Clean […]

A Few New Pieces for Our Summer Wardrobes

Our summer wardrobes recently got a few new additions and we’re excited to share our finds with you today. We both hit up some of the sales during Memorial Day weekend (did you do any sale shopping?) and left with some good staples to round out our summer wardrobes. Sometimes […]

Guest Bathroom Renovation – Progress Report

So today’s weekly bathroom renovation post was supposed to be all about the tiling in the guest bathroom. But instead, I’m here to tell you that the bathroom renovation is going and I won’t be chatting about tiling until next week. When I first planned out the project, I […]

How to Clean and Stain a Deck

Ever since we moved into our condo almost 3 years ago (whoa!), I’ve been wanting to re-stain our deck. And when I say deck, I really mean small patio. The space is pretty tiny, yet we somehow manage to live it up out here when the weather is nice. Here’s […]